Why eVar

State of Mind
eVar is a brainchild of Allen Moshiri an industry veteran with over 30 years of hands on experience. We bring forth our products, applications and service knowledge and apply it to every single assignment. We have served clients ranging from a two-man hotdog stand, Solo home office, Small & Medium size to Fortune 500 businesses.
You can bank on our extensive expertise to provide sound working advice backed by our ‘Don’t pay until your are satisfied’ Guarantee.
You can rest assured if we take on your project that we are confident of the right results every single time.

at eVar we don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, we tap into thousands of case studies and decades of systems knowledge. We believe that a solution should offer simplicity, flexibility and value.
Our solutions to computing problems stems out of a deep appreciation and understanding of good business practices. Years of consulting in different fields has provided us the insight to common and complex problems, what works at a Bakery will work at a Law firm, at a Hair Salon and a construction business.

We draw on this commonality to recommend the most prudent path. The solution should offer foresight and depth of understating of your business, it should be able to deliver on all your constraints, meet your timetables, conform to your budget, easy & friendly to use and most definitely be scalable as well as being affordable. What good is a Solution if you could not afford to implement it.

Mission Critical

Business is Mission Critical, Our Mission is to provide Exceptional Service meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectation every single time, on-time.

at eVar, we strive to provide superior service and a pleasant experience which is the true basis of our existence; we thrive and bank on our clients’ relationship & experience on this premise. It is all or nothing and it has been this way for over three decades.
We want to be your one-stop shop for keeps.

So when it comes to basic computing or advance networks, we are a one-stop-shop, right here in the heart of Los Angeles. Today it would be rather difficult if not impossible to have a stand-alone system. Your computer connected to the Internet is part of a much bigger global network. Hence you do have a network and want to secure it from attacks and hacks.

On your larger networks, your concern should be multifacited, you also need to secure your network from the inside and harden it against rogue-users! Your data and your customer’s list is the life line of your business, protecting it against unauthorized use is a necessity.

Then again, employee’s time at work cost you and directly affects your bottomline. Surfing unauthorized sites, Chatting online, Messenger service, Facebook, instagram and many more sites and services cost you tens of thousands of dollars. You hired the employees to perform and produce surfing the Internet and unwanted services cost you directly.

Not to worry, we offer simple, inexpensive but effective Network security solutions, that is what we do. We will help secure your networks and assets from outside hacks and inside rouge and disgruntled employees. Just call, help is on the way.